Much of my job as a security analyst is spent with small to medium businesses who are looking at tackling theft that is taking place within their store. Theft is not something that only happens on a small scale like this however and I have helped a wide range of companies in various industries from the likes of John Bradberry distribution to assisting a particularly exposed mobile phone stand in the middle of a Charlotte shopping center.

Theft happens all over the place but there are many thing sin which you can do to deter it in your store and here are just some of the ways how you can go about it.

Start With The Staff

In order to best deter shoplifting in your store, you need to be very much on the front foot with your service and your staff should be trained in this regard. As soon as someone walks into your store, your staff need to meet and greet them with a smile and ask if they can help them. If you area their who is walking into a store with bad intentions, and you are met with a big grin and a question, you may very well change your mind about taking anything at all. Thieves want to go about their business in peace, not with a big show.

Work On Data

If you do have a theft problem in your store, it is important that you analyse all of the data that you have available. For example you may find that it is the same products which are being taken all the time. If this is the case then you can take action and move the products to a different location, place them in a cabinet or even security tag and alarm them. Thieves will target particular products rather than simply arriving and taking what they can, once you have the data, you can make better decisions around product protection.

Invest in Tech

Theft over a long period of time in your store can cause a great deal of gradual loss off your company’s bottom line and you cannot accept it. For this reason it is well worth investing in tech which will make thieves think twice about taking anything from you. Items such as CCTV cameras are incredibly advanced and can prove to be a great deterrent against theft, equally you could look item trackers for high value products in order to cut down their theft or at least track the person who has stolen the item. Investing can be a tough decision for small business owners but it should always be considered that investing in the security of your stock, will most definitely pay off in the long term and the sooner that you do so, the better.

Being vigilant and looking to prevent problems rather than react to them is the best way to overcome the issue with theft and this is something that has worked for many businesses, time and time again.