Kids Garden Ideas

Kids and yards are a magic combination. They are the perfect space for them to play in, let off steam and just generally enjoy being a kid. If right now, you are not making the most of your garden, just read on. Below, are some quick and easy ways to encourage your children to spend more time outside.

Plant a tree

Children love trees. They like sitting under them and investigating the insects that live on them. Or, better still, swinging on a rope that has been wrapped around a sturdy branch or playing in a treehouse. A nice big, fast-growing tree is a great addition to any garden. You can easily buy a suitable tree from here.

If you are planning to have children, go out and buy a tree before they are born. That way it will have a few years to grow so that by the time your children are old enough they can enjoy it in the way described above.

Buy a trampoline

Trampolines are a fantastic way to keep your children occupied. Most kids love bouncing on them and burning up lots of energy.

Set up a swing

Swings are also great fun. If you have space, buy a climbing frame with a slide as well.

Set up a veggie patch for them

Children also enjoy planting things and watching them grow. So, if you have the space set aside a small corner for them to look after. Start them off with something like a sunflower or tomatoes. These grow really fast, which will hold your child´s attention and encourage them to plant more things. Later, you can let them grow their own vegetables. Again, children really like doing this, especially if you let them pick, wash, cook and eat what they have grown.

Encourage wildlife to live in your garden

Most children are fascinated by bugs. If you let them know from an early age that insects are nothing to be afraid of they will not be repelled by them at all. In fact, they will want to find out more about them.

A child that is interested in insects will love your giving them the chance to build a bug hotel. In fact, there are loads of fun wildlife-related projects you can do with your children. Most of them are simple, for example creating a hedgehog door, but some like building a bird box are a bit more complicated. But, they are all worth doing. Children learn more by doing and these projects are an excellent way for them to build up an appreciation for nature. There are some fantastic wildlife projects on this page.

Somewhere to kick a ball

If you can, set aside a piece of your garden for your children to play ball games. In this area, do not bother planting up a border. That way you will not end up tearing your hair out when the kids accidentally kick a ball into this area. If you really do want flowers, put up a fence along the edge of the border. This will save a lot of arguments.