Hey DirecTV, Bring Back The Weather Channel!

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A am livid.  I AM LIVID.  I can’t remember the last time I was so offended.  Yes, I’m taking personal offense to DirecTV pulling The Weather Channel from their lineup.  They clearly have no idea what that iconic channel means to the public.

I first heard about the potential of the channel being pulled last week and I tweeted this picture of my five year old watching The Weather Channel.  It doesn’t matter what this kid is doing, the second I turn this channel on he is right up against the screen, totally enthralled with whatever is on.  He is obsessed with tornadoes.  He absolutely loves tornado season (yes, I realize it’s catastrophic but it fascinates him) and he’s gone so far as to asking me to YouTube various tornadoes that have been caught on camera.  He does fear them, I would never tell him it’s possible for them to strike anywhere because the kid would never go outside again but he just loves the weather.

When I saw Jim Cantore (LOVE) make a plea to get support for TWC to prevent DirecTV from taking them off the airways I immediately took action.  I posted that picture of Josh and Twitter went nuts.  DirecTV themselves contacted me saying they were “Still talking and it was a possibility they would not be pulled” and assured me even if it was pulled they have their own channel to replace it.  I replied “Does said channel have Jim Cantore?  I think not.” and never heard from them again.

I did however hear from The Dish Network.  They asked me for my business.  I seriously considered it and the ONLY thing that has kept me from begging my husband to switch is NFL Sunday Ticket.  DirecTV is LUCKY I have to have football in my life or I’d be long gone.

You should have read the things people were saying to me.  Some were asking for more details on how they could help because they were unaware of this travesty and others were determined to fight me on my mission.  Someone had the nerve to tell me they have too many shows on there.  I pointed out that not only is every show weather related but they’re great learning shows and there is not only “Weather on the 8′s” but if there is a major event they will suspend all programming and will focus on the event unfolding.  This person’s reply was that “There is always a major weather event, this is a big country”.  Um, NO.  No, there isn’t.  I was so dumbfounded by their ignorance I ended up being snippy and told them I will remain loyal to TWC because not only do I find it valuable, my son absolutely adores it.

The day after the campaign I woke up and immediately checked my phone.  I need to stop doing that, I’ve been getting nothing but bad news this week.  The first thing I saw an an email from my husband who knows how Josh and I feel about TWC saying that DirecTV has dropped them.  Just like that.  Gone.  No “We’re still negotiating”, they were gone.

I was dreading telling my son but this afternoon he asked me to tune in because he wanted to see what the weather was like.  Then I had to break the news – “The people who put the satellite dish in took The Weather Channel away”.

That crushed me.  Before I said that he was jumping all over the couch, happy as could be.  He immediately stopped what he was doing and gave a heartfelt “WHY?” and then I told him that they’re super mean people who clearly are selfish and want their own channel to get more viewers and have absolutely no respect for a channel that has been in our household since long before he was born.  His reply was typical of a five year old kid – “Awww!”

That’s right buddy.  I hear you.  It’s the worst.

In a desperate attempt to see if maybe they haven’t pulled it yet I pulled up my favorites list and in place of my beloved channel I saw “WNHD”.  I felt sick.  I had at least hoped DirecTV would have given us a little time to say our goodbyes.  Gone, it’s just gone.  I thank God for the internet, they can’t take that away from me.  Josh and I sat together at the computer and we checked out Weather.com’s Top 100 Photos of 2013, most of the events remembered.

I’m sure my lone voice won’t do much in the way of bringing TWC back into my home but I will stand by this channel until the end of time.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much this channel means to me, if you’ve read a word of this post you’ll clearly see that.  I went to the DirecTV support section to make my voice heard and I was truly offended at the way they simply dismissed the channel.  I don’t even want to rebuke their claims because my blood pressure couldn’t handle it.

If there is even the slightest chance our voices will bring TWC back to DirecTV I say we raise them.  Tweet @WeatherChannel and @Directv to voice your opinion and feel free to contact customer support.  I’m sure they will simply blow you off because clearly money matters more than service but maybe if enough of us raise our voices some of us might actually be heard.

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  • Paul says:

    You’re out there. The Weather Channel demanded Directv remove them from their line up because their contract expired 12-31-13 and would provide no further extensions. Weather Channel wants an increase of .01 per subscriber, that’s 20 Million subscribers. 20 Million cents equals $200,000 per month or 2.4 Million a year. Not such a small increase. Weather Channel has a line up in prime time of reality shows that rake in lots of advertising dollars. In fact Al Roker has a production company that makes 10′s of million dollars on these reality shows. Now Weather Channel just hired Sam Champion to a multi million dollar contract. It’s not about weather it’s about greed and more money.

  • I already screamed at them to get off their asses and get me the G4 Network with its awesome “Attack of the Show’ and they just said “naw.” Comcast cable sucks big fat juicy ones, but even they have G4. I used to come home from a highly frustrating day of work and immediately flip on “Attack of the Show” before I had even changed clothes. By the time it was over I was in a totally different mood, a good mood. I always felt happy after watching that ridiculous show. They would even take time out to say to us, “if you have DirectTV, contact them and tell them to get G4!” I may have been the only person who had DirectTV at home and worked in another city where Comcast cable was all I could watch, but I listened and I contacted them. They didn’t listen, those bastards.
    Memphis Steve´s last blog post ..Killer

  • Angie Bailey says:

    Awww! I’d bet Josh would love some DVDs about the weather (and tornadoes). Maybe that would ease his pain. That really sucks. I have when companies take things away from the consumers like that, like it doesn’t even matter. :(
    Angie Bailey´s last blog post ..A Sweepstakes For Pet Lovers

  • Ok, I have to admit that I didn’t even know the weather channel was still around. I don’t get my weather from the tv anymore – I get it from my phone.

  • Stefanie says:

    Even though they make horrible programming choices, I would still be glad you’re with DirecTV over Dish NW who is the absolute worst for customer service I have ever had.

    After 3 weeks and I can’t tell you how many hours of trying to get a problem resolved, and every time getting on the phone with someone who gave me different information (and half of them arguing with me), I ended up in their “Office of the President” – supposedly their end-all, be-all of customer service – talking to a man who said we’re sorry we wasted your time, but that thing we told you we can do…well we can’t (they actually could – they just weren’t going to). And when I asked for some sort of customer service credit for the terrible experience their staff had put me through I was told: “Because you were misinformed by us or you had rude customer service…we don’t give customer service credits for that”. I asked if I could quote him as saying that …and he actually spelled his name for me. So I asked , well then if not for misleading me or being rude to me, what do you give customer service credits for? And he said – oh I’m not going to get into that with you…. And this is Dish Network’s Office of the President.

    As for DirecTV and TWC – I think pulling that is a moronic decision. I too will be letting them know my thoughts. Give Josh a hug and tell him to hang in there. His mom is on the case! ;)

  • Rorybore says:

    I wake up some mornings still holding out hope for “Firefly” to return. I fear it doesn’t matter how many voices cry out; it will always come down to money. The Almighty Dollar rules over common sense, loyalty and other traits not often found in the TV line up.
    For your son’s sake, I hope something is done though. You’re a great mom to fight for him.
    Rorybore´s last blog post ..4 Fill In Fun: Date Night

  • @Memphis Steve — G4 went off the air LAST YEAR. It was sold and that was the end of it. They still show repeats of AOTS, but no new stuff anymore. It blows.

    As for TWC – that’s awful! And whatever you do, DO NOT GO WITH DISH NETWORK. Their customer service is the damn worst! You could try AT&T U-verse. The service sucks ass sometimes, but the customer service is stellar, especially if you go through their social media team.

    As for people attacking you about this? Tell them to shove it up their asses and get a fucking life. Block and ban, baby. Block and ban.
    Shan @Last Shreds of Sanity´s last blog post ..A Timelord Christmas

    Julie Maloney Reply:

    I don’t think I can say “I love you” enough times.

  • Awww. Thanks.
    Shan @Last Shreds of Sanity´s last blog post ..10 MORE Things You Never Wanted To Know About Me

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