Ever since I had some with the police when I was younger, as the victim I might add, I have always ensured that in my little black book of contacts, that there was a lawyer in there. Now, naturally nobody wants to call on a lawyer for help but there are all kinds of situations where you might need a professional at law like David Turlington, the man on my speed dial. As much as this is something that you don’t want to think about, having a lawyer on hand that you trust and have confidence in, can greatly help you in your hour of need. If you are in any doubt, here are just some of the situations that may call forth a lawyers attention.


Divorces happen each and every day and whilst you may think that you are happily married, there is no telling what the future may hold. When married couples do break up, it can often be very messy and for this reason it really makes sense to have a lawyer on hand who can help you through what is likely to be a torrid time.

Workplace Issues

There are a thousand situations that you could find yourself in whilst you are at work at it could be that you need a lawyer to help you out when things don’t go to plan. Bullying at work, accidents at work, unfair dismissal and accusations are just some of the areas which a lawyer can help you with in terms of issues that could occur in the workplace.

DUI Charge

Driving under the influence is a very serious charge and if you have made an error of judgement and been caught out for it, you will need to have a good lawyer on your side. A lawyer in this situation is not likely to beat the charge for you but they can help you to ensure that you get a fair trial, and that the police did their job properly.

Land Dispute

Because sections of land were allotted some years ago, many people’s homes have a lot of confusion when it comes to who owns what piece of land. In this situation things with your neighbor can become very complicated and can often become wildly exaggerated. In order to remove the risk of any serious problems with your neighbor, you should have a lawyer that you can call to help you out.

Business Issues

If you run your own business then you are walking on a minefield of legal issues and anything from copyright infringement to false advertising accusations could easily be leveled at you at any given time. For this reason it makes a lot of sense for your business if you are able to have someone who you can speak to for advice and protection as you seek to turn you business into a success.

As I said before, nobody wants to think about the situations that may require a lawyer, but it always helps to have one at the ready should you need them.