It can be a tough world out there. Everything can feel like a competition: getting into school, getting the right job, finding the right place to live. Most parents want things to be easier for their children; you want them to have the advantages you never did. But how do you really give your kids a leg up when it comes to success? From tutors to college prep boarding school, here are just a few ways you can give your children the advantages they need to succeed.

Find A Tutor

If your child is struggling academically, you probably already know how helpful a good tutor can be. But even if your child is doing well in school, a tutor can be a huge benefit. Does your student have a subject they particularly love? Are they planning on taking any AP classes and need a little help? By finding a tutor that meets your child’s specific needs, you’ll end up providing them with a support system that will help them achieve their academic goals.

Check Out College Prep School

Boarding school might seem intimidating, but that’s an old mentality; nowadays, college prep boarding school can prove a fun and dynamic educational environment for kids. Besides giving them a taste of the college experience (and living away from home), college prep boarding schools help students focus on their goals. It sets them up for a solid educational future, and gives them the tools they need to take on life’s challenges and succeed with flying colors.


Doing good for others never goes out of style; it can also provide your child with some unexpected benefits and advantages. Volunteering teaches children about giving back and being a part of the community. It teaches them the importance of hard work, and of working with others. Your child will walk away a more compassionate, sensitive, and well-rounded human being. Plus, they’ll have helped out those in need. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Try Summer Programs

Summer is a great time for fun, family, and relaxation. Unfortunately, it can also be the time when your child forgets everything they learned during the school year. You can fight back against summer learning loss and keep your kid’s mind sharp all summer by enrolling them in a variety of programs. From arts and crafts to sleep-away camp, there’s an option for every student. If they’re getting ready for the SATs or ACTs, you can keep them sharp and focused with summer study programs. Alternatively, sign your child up for some outdoor fun so they can learn about nature while keeping their minds sharp for when fall finally rolls around again.


Read to your kids. Read with your kids. Have them read to you. Talk about what you’re reading, and ask them about their favorite books. Inspiring a love of reading and the written word early will give your child an enormous academic advantage. Instead of seeing reading and writing as a challenge, they’ll view it as something familiar. Best of all, you’ll help inspire a love of books and reading. That’s the sort of advantage that lasts a lifetime.