If you have active children, then you probably have a pretty good idea about the amount of activities that they need to be content. Plan your trip accordingly but be flexible if someone is not in the mood for something new. Having a fun and happy time with your kids is all that you need to have a great time on your holiday. Here are 5 holiday ideas for active children.

Have Fun at Universal Studios Orlando

The Universal Studios in Orlando Florida is a TV and movie-based theme park which has character encounters, kid’s play areas, shopping centres, death defying stunts and dining. You can visit the Minions and go on a Harry Potter Experience where you get to wave your wand, recite spells, and wait for the magic to happen. Universal Studios have their own trademarked rides like Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls, E.T Adventure, Flight of the Hippogriff, Revenge of the Mummy, and many more. They also have several entertaining shows and events and it is a great place to take your kids for the experience of a lifetime.

Be at One with Nature in Nepal

Nepal is nestled beneath the Himalayan Mountain ranges and borders India and Tibet. The country is filled with spectacular scenery, fabulous trekking and beautiful Buddhist monasteries. Be sure to visit the Kathmandu Valley where you can go mountain biking, trekking, and see Buddhist temples. Be sure to get a knowledgeable guide for your visit to Nepal who can show you the best areas whilst keeping you and your family safe. The Chitwan National Park is a stunning preserved area where you can see Bengal tigers, one horned rhinos and bird species such as the giant Hornbill. Explore Sagarmatha National Park where you can view glaciers, and hike along pristine trails that go through plunging valleys that are host to numerous different kinds of animals.

Safari in the Kruger Park

Kruger National Pak is one of the largest game reserves in Africa and it is located just a few hours by car from Johannesburg, South Africa. You can stay in a private lodge and have a private guide to take you on your game drives. Kruger National Park has a lot of wildlife to offer; especially the big 5 and you will be able to see them up close on your drives. You kids will have a great time watching these animals in their natural habitats and it is a great learning experience for them. You can also experience a ride on an elephant, go trekking, and give zip lining a try.

Ride Camels in Morocco

Morocco is a North African country with Berber, Arabic and European cultural influences. Marrakesh is a popular location for its medina which is a medieval quarter and souks which are marketplaces that sell ceramics, jewelry and metal lanterns. Head out into the desert on a day trip and you can enjoy the vast expansive views of the great Sahara Desert. You can explore this mighty desert on the back of a camel and enjoy exciting activities like camping, campfires, and watching the stunning sunsets. There are plenty of different trips to do in Morocco so be sure to give yourself enough time to do them all.

Cruise around Alaska

Cruising around Alaska is the perfect vacation for a family with active children. The cruise ships offer lots of things to do like swimming pools, activities for kids, and they will be exhausted at the end of each day at sea. You can also do off ship excursions to explore Alaska in depth. Glacier Bay National Park is filled with amazing marine life and you can see animals like whales, sea lions, seals and even bears along the shores. A few other places to visit on your trip here are the Anchorage Zoo, Tongass National Forest, Kenai Fjords National Park and Denali.