B-Day Party

What costs more: a wedding or a toddler’s birthday bash? In 2020, the answer might surprise you. Some parents are willing to dish out $50,000 for their children’s birthday party.

It’s true that your child will only hit those age milestones once. Despite that, you shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to afford a good party. Read on to discover five reasonably-priced activities for the ultimate b-day party.

1. Play Dress Up

Imaginary play is so important for youngsters. Why not fuel their dreams by providing an awesome dress up activity? This idea is gender-neutral if you include different types of outfits. Think of props like:

  • Cowboy hats
  • Princess dresses
  • Superhero capes
  • Glasses
  • Plastic swords and shields
  • Wings (fairy and dragon)
  • Mermaid tails
  • Dinosaur tails

Don’t think you have to pay for all these items out-of-pocket. Instead, consider renting a set.

2. Set Up a Treasure Hunt

People of all ages love a good mystery and treasure hunt. That’s why you should create an age-appropriate scavenger hunt for your next b-day bash.

You can either buy new items or use ones you already have at home. You should, of course, incorporate the party theme as well. If you’re on a tight budget, then you can have the cake or cupcakes as the “treasure”.

3. Rent a Bounce House

If you’ve ever hosted a kids birthday party, then you know how wild it can get. Children have a lot of energy, so you can’t expect them to be calm if you don’t offer an outlet. Among your fun activities, consider renting a bounce house like these jumpers.

Your little ones will be able to get their wiggles out, and even older teens will join in, too.

If you plan on this activity, keep an eye on the weather. Once the day’s done, the kiddos will go home happy and tired! Most parents will consider that to be a huge success.

4. DIY Crafts

Good art is a form of communication. That may be one reason why so many kids love craft time! No birthday party for kids is complete until they’ve made a special something to bring home.

Use your birthday party theme to come up with an awesome craft idea. Use your imagination, and let your little ones do the same.

5. Fun Photo Booth

Everyone loves to capture birthday memories in photographs. To ensure good photos get taken, consider setting up a photo booth. Get cool props that the kids can share.

Not only will your party be a huge hit, but you’ll get plenty of photos shared on social media, too.

Host The Best Children’s Birthday Party Yet!

A children’s birthday party provides memories for years to come. With the right activities and friends, it will be unforgettable! Incorporate the above five activities to host the ultimate party.

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