Traveling across the United States in a motorhome should be an awesome and memorable family experience.

That being said, traveling by RV with young children can certainly present you with some challenges even if the entire trip as worthwhile.

To reduce your stress as a parent as much as possible, here are four tips for traveling with kids in an RV:

Tip #1 – Be Selective About Your Campsites

It’s always wise to research potential campsites and RV parks ahead of time and to make reservations. This way, you won’t pull in with your fingers crossed only to find out that there are no places left.

You will also need to confirm that the campground or RV park specifically allows children. While most RV parks do, some will often charge an extra fee per night for having kids with you, which is a not-so-discreet way of saying that they prefer not to have children on their campground.

You also need to make sure that the campsite will be a good fit for your family. Does it have amenities that you want such as a swimming pool, water and electrical hooks up, hiking/biking trails, a basketball court, and anything else you think your kids will enjoy having?

Tip #2 – Have Activities To Do On The Way

Road trips can be long, and for younger kids especially, they can be unbearable. For this reason, having activities and games to entertain your kids along the way is one of the very best pieces of advice that can be given on traveling with your kids.

Games on your tablet, movies, books, or actual physical games are just a handful of things that you can bring. Only you know your kids so plan appropriately. You would also be wise to introduce one activity at a time, rather than all at once, or else your kids can naturally get bored faster.

Tip #3 – Have Snacks On Hand

If your goal is to get to your destination as soon as possible, you’ll want to keep stops to a minimum, and this means having snacks on hand versus stopping by at a fast food restaurant.

Besides, have you wondered how you could park a big RV in the small parking lot of a restaurant? If you’ve never had any experience driving an RV before it’s at least something to think about.

Tip #4 – Stop By Scenic Places En Route

One stop that will definitely be worth making en route to your final destination is any scenic locations you’d like to see, such as a historical site or a national landmark.

Not only is this is a great time for your kids to stretch their legs and be outside, it’s also an excellent opportunity to enhance the overall experience of the trip.

Traveling With Kids

RV traveling will be a very enlightening experience for your children. It gives them a chance to see new areas of the country and form memories that they will remember for the rest of their lives.