I Flushed You From The Toilets Of My Heart

axfQcI almost miss my days of sleeping until noon.  I got up at 9:15 this morning.  Absolutely unheard of.  I’ve managed to get my body to be okay with getting up at ten (although some mornings it fights me) but I’ve never tried this nine bullshit.  When I wake up too early my body will work fine for a few hours then completely shut down.  I figured I would have my coffee and get my post done in case that happens.  My goal is to get this done, work out, have breakfast and walk 10,000 steps.  That’s a lot of damn steps and I’ve been doing that every day.  Maybe I should go have more coffee, I’m going to get right to the meme – (It gets better. Click to continue reading…)

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My Name Is Julie And I’m A Fitness Junkie


It all started around January 4th.  I had binged for weeks before that before starting my new diet (I wasn’t even thinking lifestyle change – I was thinking drop ten pounds and eat chips and dip remember?) and some 75 days later I’m like a heroin addict – I can’t get enough.  I started out cutting my calories to 1200-1300 per day but I was allowing myself as many 100 calorie chocolate snacks I wanted.  I lost eight pounds right away.  If I didn’t binge before I started I would have been four pounds lighter when I started but I enjoyed the binge and I’m not sure if I would have lost eight pounds as quickly but who knows.  I’ve noticed I’ve spent a majority of this diet regretting not making certain changes sooner.

I was using the Wii Fit and my treadmill and thought I saw some changes but then I hit a plateau and had to switch up my Wii Fit routine.  When I noticed that didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere I jumped into a six week DVD program that I now have a love/hate relationship with.  I just started week three so I keep reminding myself I’m just about halfway there and that’s helping but I’m working out the correct time to workout.  I was working out after breakfast and then I read it’s best not to workout full so I started week two doing it before I ate but I was so groggy from having jumped into my routine as soon as I woke up I started dreading my workout.  It was difficult to get through.  As of today I’m waking up, having a cup of coffee to get me a little perked up and then I’m doing my 50 minute routine and I follow with eggs and whole wheat toast and another cup of coffee.  That seemed to work out better for me.  I noticed I didn’t hate the routine quite the way I did last week and I had more energy to get through it. (It gets better. Click to continue reading…)

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Her Teeth Were Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure

2014-03-27 15.35.04

Oh, my legs.  OW.

I’m on day five of my second phase of my workout program and although I can now get through the entire routine I can barely move for an hour after.  I workout as soon as I wake up and I make eggs right after (protein after a workout is recommended) and then I just drink my coffee and moan.  I must say I am noticing a difference.  I always stand nude in front of the mirror before bed and rearrange my parts and I’ve noticed that the pooch on my stomach is flatter and it caught me off guard.  I don’t know me with a flat stomach, regardless of how thin I’ve been dating back to puberty.  My stomach is by no means flat but it’s getting there and I can feel that abs are screaming to show themselves and it made my heart skip a beat when I saw the difference.

Tomorrow is Ryan’s birthday.  For two weeks we will be the same age.  I have decreed it that he is not allowed to call me old during that time because he is in fact the same age but the second I advance in years it begins again.  I have no issues with it, we banter.  He likes to insist that he’s six feet – I stress 5’11.

I’ve started reading magazines like a spaz and I’m realizing that I might look young but I’m turning 37 and things can easily start going south soon.  I’ve been reading all the recommendations and I’ve revamped my skincare routine.  I’ve switched up my moisturizer to include anti-aging serums and have started using that shit Jennifer Aniston uses because I want to look like her.  Since I’ve been eating better and better since January my diet is already where it needs to be to help with skin health and all that jazz, I’m just getting that oil-free sunscreen ready because it looks like we’ll be getting into the 70′s with sun in the next day or two and I have a new pedometer on the way and plan on walking outside to get me to the 10,000 steps goal.

I’m such a doer.

MEME! (It gets better. Click to continue reading…)

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